Real People Casting

We are experts in real people casting, finding authentic people with unique personalities.



Jason Winer
David Cameron
Jason Woliner
Chris Nelson
Eden Tyler
Director Brothers
Nanette Burnstein
Bruce Hurwit
Tim K
Floria Sigismondi
Zack Snyder
Luca Maroni
Jonas Arnby
Jessica Yu
Nicolai Fuglsig
Allie Avital
Sara Shelton
Trevor McMahan
Klaus Obermeyer

Leonardo Ricagni
Omri Cohen
Mark Romanek
Federic Planchon
Josh Miller
Matt & Oz
James Gartner
Tim & Eric
Dewey Nicks
Michael Cuesta
Kris Belman
Rob Cohen
Amir Farhang
Elizabeth Banks
Scott Gairdner
Joshua Kissi
Paul Mitchell
Anthony Leonardi
Marc Sidelsky

Ramma Mosley
Lara Shapiro
Joaquin Baca-Asay
Barbara Kopple
Jonathan Notaro
Matthew Rolston
Fatal Farm
Peggy Sirota
Jesse Dylan
Matt Piedmont
David O. Russell
Jake Syzmanski
Peter Atencio
Angus Wall
Henry Alex-Rubin
Milana Vayntrub
Sade Clacken Joseph

Sam Jones
Grant Singer
Alice Mathais
Andy Hall
Peter Thwaites
Erik Moe
Dave Ramser
Harry Cocciolo
Ben Blank
David McNamara
Anton Corbijin
Patrick Clair
Zachary Heinzerling
Johan Skog
Giorgio Scali
Quinn Katherman
Sammi Cohen
Ken Arrlidge

Production Companies

Pretty Bird
Believe Media
Brand New School
Gifted Youth
Anonymous Content

Epoch Films
Bob Industries
Radical Media
Crossroads Film
Nonfiction Unlimited
Division 7 

Tool of N. America
Aero Films
Imaginary Forces
Road Trip Films
Hungry Man

Supply & Demand
Visual Creatures
The Artists Company
The Corner Shop
Station Films

You name it, we find it. We pride ourselves

on finding the best talent for the job

and we truly love what we do.

Mel and Liz Casting has been finding the faces and personalities for some of the biggest brands and companies for the past 14 years. Our strong relationships with ad agencies, production companies and directors, have allowed us to cast for a wide variety of projects.

We have cast thousands of national commercials: comedy, real people casting, beauty campaigns, Spanish Language, testimonials, voiceovers and print.

We have our pulse on up-and-comers in the comedy world and enjoy discovering and nurturing new talent. Our great connections with the top talent agencies in the industry bring the best fresh new faces to your campaigns.

Casting in this expansive commercial landscape (or market) has us not only casting across the United States but globally, so how can we help?!


Have a project and ready for casting?  Give us a ring and let us help you find the perfect talent, whether it’s traditional casting or real people casting.


Mel and Liz Casting Office

5723 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

P: 323.472.4074